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Blue Horizon Ltd. is a company registered in Iraq and established with the purpose of delivering various professional quality technical and engineering services in Iraq. Leading amongst these is environmental services. The environmental services that are currently being delivered include ecological studies and surveys, water/soil/sediment/ambient air sampling, quantitative analytical services. We also provide, in partnership with leading international consulting firms, bathymetry, topology, water resource management, hydrology and hydrogiology related services. Our mission is to provide these services with mostly local, professionally trained Iraqi scientists. The promise of Blue Horizon is that the skill sets of their staff are to be of a quality which is on par with international standards. The staff that Blue Horizon contract with and deploy include professional chemists, geologists, botanists, biologists, hydrologists, and environmental scientists. Additionally, Blue Horizon operates the only independent nongovernment environmental laboratories in Iraq. The laboratories avail water/soil/sediment/ambient air sampling and quantitative analytical services.

Our environmental services staff are mostly Iraqi scientists trained out-of-country and in-country by European and Canadian professionals. They have an extensive experience in field surveys required for EIA, EBS and monitoring programs. Our capabilities include sampling and testing of air, water, soil, sediment, and waste products. Our laboratory facilities arrays high accuracy instrumentation and avails in-country testing services, especially for time sensitive parameter measurements that have to be performed within 24 hrs after sampling. We support a wide variety of environmental study/survey services, including groundwater/surface water monitoring, agricultural soil taxonomy surveys, air quality monitoring, contaminated site assessment and . We cover most of the regions of Iraq through all seasons. Our staff are recruited from all corners of Iraq and is representative of a kaleidoscope of ethnicities and sects of Iraq which enable our teams access almost any region in Iraq. We heavily depend on the social network of our staff to gain insights on risks at hot spots as well as to access local human and logistical resources.

We pride ourselves in meeting the needs of our client, with exceptional services, experienced technical staff and responsive project management and convenient online reporting and information management capabilities. With our investment in laboratory facilities, technology and personnel, Blue Horizon is dedicated to providing consistent, reliable environmental and analytical testing services to our clients.

BH Laboratories has developed a strong support network which includes researchers, scientists, consulting engineers and independent professionals - both Iraqi and international. Those human resources can be speedily mobilized to avail the full coverage of necessary skills requested by our clients.

Those human resources can be speedily mobilized to avail the full coverage of necessary skills requested by our clients.